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 About Scott Berger, M.D.

As a board-certified, fellowship trained pain specialist and anesthesiologist, I’ve spent 37+ years helping others fight and win their battle over pain. I have been voted by my peers as a top doctor in Palm Beach County - 4 years in a row, currently. I have served as Chairman of the Board of my local hospital, President of its medical staff, and pioneered new procedures that have given thousands a lifetime of pain relief. In addition, I have helped my community by being the lead expert for the DEA, USDOJ, and Florida Board of Medicine, to rid South Florida of its pill mill drug crisis. I have also worked as a department director of over 150 physicians, case managers, and administrators, to make healthcare utilization decisions for over 50 leading insurance companies, including creating new policies to help both these insurance companies and their constituents, the patients themselves.


Since age 12, photography has been my passion. My father came home one night, after driving a long taxi shift with a new toy for me to master: a Canon Ftb camera, and I was more than up to the task. Someone had left it in the taxicab! Soon I was developing film in my own “closet-darkroom” using chemicals, timers, smocks, black lights, projectors, and easels, and everything photographers used from early back in the day techniques. This is when dodging and burning really were, dodging and burning!


Fast forward about 50 years! I have gone to photography workshops all over the world, from Venice, to Lisbon, and London. I have enjoyed friendships with some of the world’s top photographers and educators without whom I would be remiss not to mention: Scott Kelby - the magical unicorn of all things photography and fun, Terry White, Joe McNally, Rick Sammon, Mimo Meidany, and Bryan Peterson, to name but a few, who have had a great influence on my work. Big shout out to KelbyOne Training for simply having the world’s greatest online photography training community ever.


Please enjoy my photography. I enjoy shooting everything, which is usually a sign that one specializes in nothing. I like to think I enjoy it ALL, and I really do! I would love to connect with you, so please fill out my “Connect  with Me” form, below, and I will be back in touch with you.

Scott A. Berger, M.D.


Phone:  (561) 706-7200

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